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 Application to join cobalt

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Application to join cobalt Empty
PostSubject: Application to join cobalt   Application to join cobalt EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 11:11 pm

If you are interested in applying to F&I, please copy and paste the form below and create a new thread.

Game Name:gRE3N

Tribe (Roman, Gaul, Teuton): Teuton

Co-ordinates: (-57|132)

Pop size: 3464

Game play style: Offensive/Sim City
(Offensive, Defensive, Sim city)

Previous Alliance:*Kote*, Cobalt2, Cobalt, INCA F&I, GOW F&I, Something Wicked_The Filth, -RED-, and K.E.
(If you had one why did you leave it. If you are in one now, why are you looking to leave?)

Offensive ranking: 380- with 23253 kill points
Defensive ranking: 1256- with 3272 kill points

# of cities: 7 fixin to be 9

Troop Size: 3 1/2 to 1 ratio

Who is currently attacking you? (Within past 7 days)
No one is right now

What advantages do we offer you?
As you can see from my past experiences I was with this alliance most of the time on the server

What advantages do you offer us?:
Where do I start!

What motivated your decision to join us?

What are some of your personal short and long term goals for the game?
Capture one village in the next 3 days, and settle another one right by my cropper villages

Who do you sit for? none
Who are your sitters? none

If they are not in F&I, which alliance do they belong to?
yea I knw its a lame alliance

What time zone are you in? Central

Additional comments: Hope I can get let in into the main wing!
Mileron and bubba are kind of absent at the moment so why not!!

Applications that do not follow this format will be simply deleted. Your troop counts must be verified by one of our members before you will be accepted into the alliance.

If you're accepted, please expect a message and possibly some follow up questions from us. Please allow time for processing.

Thanks for your interest.
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Application to join cobalt
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